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"Do not say: `When I shall have leisure I shall study,' for you may never have leisure." Avot 2:5





At Congregation Etz Chaim we value education and provide numerous opportunities for learning at all ages.


RELIGIOUS SCHOOL:  Our children meet every Sunday to learn about their faith, traditions, history, music, language, and Torah.  


 In the 2014-15 Jewish year, the 2nd through 5th graders did in-depth, hands-on learning about 12 Jewish holidays, earning beautiful badges for completing each the holiday requirements.  These 12 badges decorate the atarah each of them received that will become part of the tallit they will make in the upcoming year, focusing on life cycle events. 


In addition, the kids perform a skit each week coinciding with the week’s Torah portion and are tracing Jewish history from Abraham to now on a 4000 year timeline.  Mary Hofmann, a retired teacher, is our volunteer educator.   We hope to expand to an additional class for younger children . . . and we will when we find another teacher!























HEBREW FOR CHILDREN:  Student spend at least an hour before or after religious school—depending on their level--learning Hebrew with Carol Davis using the URJ Mitkadem curriculum.   More intensive study begins a year prior to Bar or Bat Mitzvah.


























                                                       Congregation Etz Chaim is proud to provide Bar

                                                       and Bat Mitzvah preparation for children of all ages!

                                                       Here, Chas Jolly is reading from the Torah as he

                                                       becomes a Bar Mitzvah!





ADULT EDUCATION, combined with Cooking, Music and interactive programming, happens each month when Student Rabbi Elias comes to town! 




















CHAI MITZVAH, a nationally recognized adult program to deepen our relationships with Judaism, meets monthly to discuss a Jewish topic, share knowledge, and encourage deeper engagement with ritual, spiritual, philosophical, and social action aspects of Judaism.  We redefine Jewish learning in a warm environment outside the classroom!


TORAH STUDY meets every Saturday morning to address the week’s parashah . . . and anything we can find to connect to it!  A great way to make Shabbat special.
















Come learn with us!

it says "Learn Jewish"
an adult congregant reading torah
Student rabbi reading a book to our young Sunday school members
an image of a tree that states "Grow your Judaism"
Image of hebrew in the torah w. a Yad
group of congregants gathered around a kitchen table cooking in someone's house
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