Student Rabbi - Elias Chajet


In baseball, everyone must not only do their
part but also be ready to step up to the plate at a moments notice.


I am ready to step into any role that you need. I am excited to become part of your Congregation Etz Chaim team!

President - Carol Madruga

As one of the founding members of Congregation Etz Chaim, I once again step into the role of President.


With a wide variety of activities, we welcome you to join our congregation family for celebration, fun activities and learning!


Treasurer - Rachel Hadley 


I love our Congregation!


We have a wonderful Student Rabbi who leads us in insightful prayers and interesting Torah Study discussions; our Friday Night Shabbat Potlucks and Lay Led Services are meaningful and fulfilling; and our community is warm and welcoming!

Secretary - Mary Hofmann


I, too, love our congregation and have been excited to be part of it since we formed in the late 1970’s.  What a great ride it’s been and continues to be!  My grandkids are third-generation members and I know we’ve given them a wonderful set of Jewish roots that will take them into their adult years.  


Every year brings new ideas and new projects, and this year I’ll be returning to one of my favorite posts as secretary of the congregational board.  We are, indeed, Etz Chaim, the tree of life, and I cherish the opportunity to continue being an integral part of keeping this congregation alive and thriving!